Benton Spriffle (ベノトン•スプリフル Benoton Supurifuru)[1] is multi-millionaire who offers people a challenge, in exchange for a challenge fee, to have a go at the DEMON'SPLAN.[2] However, he is later revealed to be a scam-artist who uses his Fake DEMON'SPLAN on unsuspecting people.[3]




Ten years ago, Benton offers a paraplegic challenger a try at the DEMON'SPLAN. The challenger miraculously regains the use of his legs back; prompting Benton to state that this is the power of the DEMON'SPLAN and addresses those who believe that they are the chosen ones, who desire their wishes to be fulfilled, that the challenge awaits them. This is witnessed by Carlos and Boro; who realizes their dream of pursuing and challenge the DEMON'SPLAN.[4]

However, this was later revealed to be a scam by using a regular person who could walk and siting him in a wheelchair.[5]


After Carlos' arrest under the suspicion of robbing the Benton Residence, Benton arrives at the jail cell to see Carlos. He wonders if Carlos' friend is going to challenge the DEMON'SPLAN. Carlos wonders to himself as to why Benton would be present. Benton states that he is a reasonable adult and offers the DEMON'SPLAN challenge to Carlos to test whether or not he is worth living. Just as Carlos tears up from happiness, Benton displays another DEMON'SPLAN box and states that Carlos can take that one with him as a souvenir to hell as he has just made a new one the other day.[6]

Shocked and in disbelief, Carlos states that he and Boro witnessed it for themselves 10 years ago. However, Benton reveals that what happened ten years ago was a scam by using a regular person who could walk and siting him in a wheelchair with the DEMON'SPLAN being nothing more than a mere clockwork toy box. A furious Carlos threatens to kill every single one of them.[7]

Benton later dies, alongside the Police Chief, at the hands of Carlos after he gains the Blood Mist Wings from the DEMON'SPLAN.[8]



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