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Welcome to DEMON'SPLAN wiki! This is a database dedicated to the brand new Manga by Yoshimichi Okamoto

(Regarding the lack of information and articles: please note that this is a new Wikia and is currently undergoing construction. Feel free to edit/add any information or pages. Please contact me here if you have any queries. Enjoy!)


The story will involve a "Demon's Plan" that can grant people's wishes.

真に切なる願いを言えば、悪魔が現れ叶えてくれるという「悪魔の設計図」──── その秘宝への挑戦料「100万」を貯めるべく、必死で日払いの仕事に励む貧しき少年ボロとカルロス。 二人は無事にハッピーエンドを掴み取ることができるのか、それとも────!? ジャンプが贈る、悪魔幻想譚、ここに開幕!!


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